Intelligent Step’s premium mobile network has more than 1800 premium mobile apps/sites, that can reach 50+ million devices across the MENA region; through its 7 diversified channels such as entertainment, lifestyle, travel & tourism, e-commerce, and much more. As a media house, we make sure to target the right audience using multiple formats (Video, display, content, interactive rich format) and different pricing models to meet brands marketing objectives and needs and help them achieve their goals.
The purpose of mobile solutions is to use innovative and rich media, targeting, and performance components to involve business and their marketing into the world of their customers.


As the premium content/websites are essential for most of the online campaigns, we at Intelligent Step have chosen to represent some of the niche regional websites/content assets to offer the appropriate solutions on each of the websites.
Intelligent Step’s premium content marketing solution is a powerful channel for most of the advertisers. We offer our clients the opportunity to have full-fledged content marketing strategies and distributions channels. This content marketing solutions offered through many formats/solutions such as: content integration, product placement, video content creation and distribution, and article seeding in addition to the standard display advertising solution.

Our content network has a total reach of 10M visitors/users per month, 10M followers & fans cross social media platforms; and mainly concentrated in the GCC region, which are mainly divided into 3 main categories Automotive, Female & Lifestyle and Travel.

  • Automotive.
  • Female & Lifestyle.
  • Travel.


Affiliate and performance media is one of the hottest media channels with a total media spend that exceeded US$ 15Billion in 2019 globally which reflects almost 15% from total digital media spends; this encourages us to introduce affiliate/performance media solutions in multiple ways based on the channel, formats, matrix and vehicles that are used based on brands preference.

Intelligent Step’s performance media offerings are leveraging the latest advancements in targeting, data assets and activation to maximize customer’s conversion through creating high targeted audiences and cross-channel experiences. This is done with a single-minded objective to convert highly potential visitors/customers into qualified leads, installs and/or actual sales (CPL/CPI/CPA) that will grow sales for our clients.

Our main offerings done within the following ways:

  1. Lead Generation using Display and Native Advertising.
  2. Promotional Discount Codes.
  3. CPS/CPA using Social Influencer.


Intelligent Step realised the importance of Smart TV in the MENA region specifically in GCC (KSA and UAE Mainly), which is why we reached over 24 Million Smart TV devices with over 260 million impressions across MENA. In addition, the demand for distribution of video content in the GCC is very high as the usage of TV’s are still growing in these markets.

We are offering a connected real-time TV audience with the largest, most powerful screen type and the option to run TV campaigns in a less cluttered, safer and more measurable way with engaging ads formats or building customised channels to deliver reach that scales and drives results.


Intelligent Step’s travel audience media solutions is a unique product developed by the biggest travel technology company on a multinational scale. We connect the leading brands and performance-oriented advertisers with the best publishers, reaching 100s millions of travelers.

It provides exclusive data for excellent targeting by creating custom audiences and following their journey. Advertisers have the option to choose the ad type from native, premium display and/or social. To assure our clients that every potential customer has been reached and that no opportunity has been missed.

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