Customer’s data is scattered all over the place and businesses struggle to gather all this data and make it useful. This is where we come in, Tealium is a CDP that gathers a whole bunch of data on your customers from all over, standardizes the data and then transforms and enriches the data to make more sense in order to create a profile for each customer to transform the user from an anonymous visitor to a known customer, and finally moving into machine learning modeling and accurately predict future behaviors, that empower your data marketing strategy to take action to shape them towards better outcomes.

Our Tealium solutions help our customers to build a holistic marketing stack to enable customer Data Orchestration across the entire Data Supply Chain and combine it with the power of machine learning capabilities to sit in-line with data collection and activation, powering your whole tech stack.

Our multi offering includes the main following solutions:

  • Tealium Tag Management
  • Tealium EventStream API Hub
  • Tealium AudienceStream CDP
  • Tealium Predict Machine Learning


Programmatic Advertising is on a disruptive ride with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data empowerment, since the amount spent exceeded US$ 100 bn for the first time in 2019.
Programmatic advertising still faces some challenges to adapt and be utilized to the maximum potential; which gives us more of a reason to step into providing a premium managed programmatic advertising platform/campaigns; through using A.I. powered, human driven, real time bidding platforms; In order to, successfully empower customers to reach the desired audience and maximize return for their investment by reaching the defined target audience with personalized messages across all digital mediums.

We have our own 5 steps framework

  • Quick Start
  • Audience-base & Data-Driven
  • Creative Build (DCO)
  • Cutting Edge Tech Partner & Echo System
  • Campaign Optimizations
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